Beijing 北京

Fuller's contemporary map drawing of Beijing 北京

We seem to create cognitive gates which determine our privacy; maybe these gates are opened wider in China until you step beyond the walls.

2018 年
120 x 150 cm
Black ink on museum cotton board
On display at The British Ambassador’s Residence Beijing

Fuller's Beijing follows hundreds of miles of purposeful wandering to depict China's cultural capital.
The artist was based in Tongzhou District, in the east of the city. His monogram 'GJF' marks the studio where the artwork was drawn.

" To determine the scale of Beijing, I decided to first circumnavigate the city by foot. At the edge of the work, you'll see footsteps showing my route and linking memories that became a cognitive border on the map. The drawings are formed predominantly by personal observations and geography, and are bound together by the experiences and shared stories of Beijingers. We forever live through technological and political change. In this work, I question and celebrate the adoption of new ideas and systems that shape urban life. It's another investigation into the sense of place and my obsession with this phenomena. " Fuller

Fine art prints of Fuller's Beijing are available to acquire here.

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Drawing 'Beijing'. Read articles and news  here .

Drawing 'Beijing'. Read articles and news here.

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Step inside Fuller’s Beijing studio as he draws and prints his contemporary map of China’s cultural capital.