FULLER is a British artist who explores the identity and culture of places. His drawings form intricate, familiar worlds that result from purposeful wandering and exploration. Borrowing the tools of cartography, up-cycled collage and photography, he investigates topics and ideas that span the mundane to those that shape our future planet. Fuller's works can be found in public and private collections across the world.




" What makes a place? It's this question that compels me to explore it and step beneath the surface. When I move through the layers of a city, I discover systems and gather countless stories. There is romance, tragedy and comedy. Desires, secrets and facts. It's a personal geography and echoes intersections of culture, environment, history and economics. Everything pushed and pulled by connectivity, techonology, migration and the borders we create around the natural and built environment. I draw on these perennial narratives - playfully, using visual metaphors - to compose a new story about the sense of a place and its people today. "