Circumnavigating Beijing



"Right now, I’m researching in Beijing. I’m particularly interested in the resilience of cities, and how they grow into smarter, cleaner and enjoyable places to live. To kick this project off, I circumnavigated the entire megacity, walking with the mountains behind me and the urban sprawl ahead"



GPS visualisation of research. Walking (green) and cycling (blue) 
The outer ring plots 250km around the city.

This walking exploration, titled #WalkInProgress, is an ongoing research project.  To understand the gigantic scale of this megacity and its forever changing geography, the project was hatched from a feeling of necessity.

The first objective was to circumnavigate Beijing using the 6th ring road as a marker to explore the outer reaches of the city. The walk was approximately 250km and was completed in seven days by following paths and roads that ran close to the express way. Walking deep into the night offered a glimpse into a place that certainly never sleeps.

Along the way particular attention was paid to the local communities, development, transport, industry, environment and cultural curiosities (of which there were many!) A digital community was created on WeChat, a Chinese social media platform, so people could engage with the project and get involved with the journey.

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