Since 2004.


FULLER is a British-Irish artist who explores the identity and culture of places through what he describes as “maps of the mind” — intricately hand-drawn artworks of the world we live in based on his own personal and purposeful wanderings.

His process typically begins with unbridled exploration of his surroundings — a type of dérive — and ends with the artist communicating these gathered stories via ink on cotton board while simultaneously playing with our ideas of cartography, illustration and psychogeography.

This series began with London Town (2005-2015) — prints of which have been acquired by institutions such as The British Library and the Museum Of London — and led to FULLER moving to China where he walked some 1,350km around the capital for Beijing (2018), which is currently on display at The British Ambassador’s Residence.




"What makes a place? It's this question that compels me to explore; to step beneath the surface; to move through the layers of a city. In doing so, I discover systems, and gather countless stories. There is romance, tragedy and comedy. Desires, secrets and facts. 

Personal geography comes together with culture, environment, history and economics — everything pushed and pulled by technology, migration and the borders we create around the natural and built environment. I playfully draw on these never-ending narratives to compose a new story about the sense of a place, and its people today."