FULLER | Biography of a distinctive mapmaker, artist and explorer

In 2017 Fuller circumnavigated Beijing, 250km by foot. His intricate pictorial maps are part of the British Library and Museum of London collections. 


用中文读 Fuller was born in 1980 and is of Irish and British heritage. His geopictorial works investigate the identity of places. Using extensive research, urban and rural exploration, local knowledge and lived experience, he depicts their topographies and cultures.

The meticulous drawings are saturated with densities of detail, entwined with patterns, systems, technologies, iconography, architecture, human stories, facts, curiosities, memories, fictions and humour - an infinite cognitive and narrative map.

By mapping events, Fuller provides a relatable, personal story. In doing so, the artwork places prominence on collective knowledge and experience, a distinctive characteristic of his work. The depictions are signifiers, with hidden meanings, and often need deciphering to be understood. It is in the moments of contemplation that a dialogue begins while poring over the map, whether the intended story is teased out or new stories added, the art creates conversation.

Fuller's prints have been acquired by the British Library, Museum of London and Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery for their permanent collections.

In April 2017 he circumnavigated Beijing, 250km by foot, to begin his research for a new series of works. He is currently based in China.

“A stroke of the pen is a word in a story. Each street is a paragraph. A week at the easel tells of a day pounding pavements. 'Drawing a picture' means months of purposeful wandering and poking about. Everything navigated and known: subterranean tribes; testaments to unsung heroes; memorable vistas, rubbish heaps and the people who live in them; the dazzling glamour of a cocktail bar for the beautiful, who dance and drink at the peak of urban perfection.

The man in the street is not the man of the street. Fuller is not a character in his works; he is an observer, a voyeur. Justice and injustice; wealth and happiness; uphill, downhill; reality and invention – it’s all the same to him. If it exists or is imagined it is recorded in his intimate cartographic art; each piece celebrating the complexities of the people, place and time: His work is an invitation to explore the heart, soul and underbelly of situation."

Helen & Jonathan 2017



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